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Monday, November 16, 2015

Problems Today

Protecting the environment is a serious issue today. The environment is important to me because it affects the earth and has a huge impact on it. If the environment goes to shit, then stuff like the weather, our health, and our way of life will follow suit. Since the environment affects literally everything we do, why not help preserve what affects us the most. Some ways to help the environment would be to recycle more, eat less meat, and wasting less water. These practices would help reduce our strain on the ecosystem, reduce global warming and leave mother nature the way it was intended to be left: healthy I don't think anybody would be against helping the environment, unless they are mentally incompetent.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Many white Americans supported the Chinese Exclusion Act because they were racist and wanted to blame the state of the economy on someone, so they chose the Chinese as a scapegoat. Back then. racism was a common thing in society, so many Americans were racist towards any other ethnicity that had any difference with their culture. In the Nast Cartoon (1882), a Chinese man is seen being protected by a gang of White People by the Feminine symbol of the US. At the bottom of the cartoon, the phrase, "Hands off-Gentleman! America means fair play for all men." This means that the White man are merely jealous of the Chinese and their economic success in America, which honestly was really shitty. They took those jobs at low pay because they had no choice or say in the matter. They just wanted to survive. In an autobiography by Lee Chew, he claims that the Chinese are better workers than the white men, always honest and hard-working.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

An immigrant is one who travels to another country. Most immigrants leave their country because their home is in massive turmoil. Usually a war, or fighting of some sort is happening in their country and is tearing the government apart/the government themselves are corrupt. When they arrive here, the first trouble immigrants run into is shelter and money. After that, some other issues are usually cultural integration, and racial discrimination.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Was Lincoln a racist?

A racist is one who thinks people from another origin are very different(aka, different species) from any other ethnic group.

Lincoln, in my opinion, was a racist. Although he believed in helping and treating the poor slaves in America, he still saw them as a separate entity from white people. He even said "I agree that the Negro is not my equal in many respects--certainly not in color..." in a public announcement as a rebuttal to enemy presidential candidate Stephen Douglas, who claimed Lincoln supported slaves. Although he believed in helping the slaves out of their plight, he still saw them as different. Thus, he is a racist, although one of the kinder ones.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

1. How else are you supposed to bend another person to your will? They weren't skilled enough for mass manipulation, so they used good old brute force and violence.

2. That he's a slave. I guess I would've just tried to run away and take my chances there.

3. It gives him tons of self-confidence. Now he knows he can fight back if he wants to and isn't scared of Mr. Covey anymore.

4. He wasn't just a little slave-boy scared of his master, he has power to resist his master, thus he is a man.