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Friday, January 29, 2016

Marcus Garvey was a controversial person because his ideals and dreams were the same as the pro-activists of negro equality, but his methods were more of the extremist type, which caused people from both ends of the extremes to join together and make a large group that has varying ideals, which does not bode well for its longterm continuity.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Several states are considering repealing laws requiring the wearing of seat belts in motor vehicles.
  • Why might some people think such laws are needed? Who might benefit from these laws? The dumbasses who don't put on their seat belts on and get fined benefit from this. This law is needed for those kind of people that need saving from themselves.
  • How might any of these laws restrict some people’s rights? Who might be negatively affected by them? If it were to be moved, it would restrict nobody's rights. The families of the people who don't put on seat belts are negatively affected by this, because they now have dead family members that they can't get back. 
  • Do you feel these laws benefit the many at the expense of the few, or the other way around? Explain why. It benefits many because nobody dies, it keeps people safe. A fine or inability to move as freely while riding in a car is a small price to pay to keep someone's life intact.
  • Do you feel these laws should stay as is, be amended, or be repealed? Explain how.These laws should stay as is because it is meant to save those that are too occupied to save themselves. It has no downside, and has been proven to save many in the past.                                                                                                                              
                   .--------.            |   |        
              ____/_____|___ \___        |   |        
             /     _   - |   _   ,*      |   |        
              '--(_)-------(_)--'        |   |        

                Seat belts save you from yourself.    

Monday, December 14, 2015

Civil Liberties should not be taken away in cases of war or some other national hysteria. The amendments Liberties weren't made to be taken away from citizens by the government just because they think it is necessary. These basic rights were made so that citizens always have some form of rights that help protect them against people that they can't do anything about ie: Government, Stalker, etc. The government has no right to take away other people's rights that are bestowed upon them by law.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Foreign Affairs thing

I think the US should stay as a powerful role in the world's history. Japan tried isolationism, and it didn't work out very well for them. Today's world is vastly different than Washington's, since communication is near instantaneous, we'll know what happens everywhere right when it happens. Back in his day, countries were still trying to sort things out but today, most counties know what they're doing so it'll be easier to mediate the world. The danger for America not being involved enough would be that they're out of the loop and not updated on the world's affairs. Is China making a giant army? Is Russia parachuting troops somewhere? If America just stood by while this happened, then we wouldn't know what's really happening until they're landing on our houses. The US can act as a wise brother to all the other countries going through tough times. They could also serve as a mediator between two countries that are fighting with each other, as the view from a third party could help a lot.

Monday, November 30, 2015

A feminist is one who thinks that women are not equal in society and are willing to fight for it and combat this defect in society. I don't consider myself a feminist because I don't think there is anything majorly bad associated with women in society. There are some stereotypes that are generally assigned to females and so to males, but there are always stereotypes and I also don't really care too much about it. Today, feminists fight issues involving wage gaps and abortions. Other topics that are involve feminism are:

Domestic Labor


Pay Equality

Domestic Labor: Who should take care of the baby while their partner goes to work?
What I think: I don't care, let the couples decide for themselves. Feminists would want 50/50 men & women to stay home.

Pay Equality: Are women being paid less than men?
What I think: No they're not. They're just not taking the good jobs that men usually strive for. Like women in the engineering department: they're non-existent. I still don't really care about it. Feminists would say that men are taking everything and they would victimize women.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Problems Today

Protecting the environment is a serious issue today. The environment is important to me because it affects the earth and has a huge impact on it. If the environment goes to shit, then stuff like the weather, our health, and our way of life will follow suit. Since the environment affects literally everything we do, why not help preserve what affects us the most. Some ways to help the environment would be to recycle more, eat less meat, and wasting less water. These practices would help reduce our strain on the ecosystem, reduce global warming and leave mother nature the way it was intended to be left: healthy I don't think anybody would be against helping the environment, unless they are mentally incompetent.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Many white Americans supported the Chinese Exclusion Act because they were racist and wanted to blame the state of the economy on someone, so they chose the Chinese as a scapegoat. Back then. racism was a common thing in society, so many Americans were racist towards any other ethnicity that had any difference with their culture. In the Nast Cartoon (1882), a Chinese man is seen being protected by a gang of White People by the Feminine symbol of the US. At the bottom of the cartoon, the phrase, "Hands off-Gentleman! America means fair play for all men." This means that the White man are merely jealous of the Chinese and their economic success in America, which honestly was really shitty. They took those jobs at low pay because they had no choice or say in the matter. They just wanted to survive. In an autobiography by Lee Chew, he claims that the Chinese are better workers than the white men, always honest and hard-working.